1. (Responses, Extension authoring) Allow lettered responses outside of rules

  2. Make the default library response to SEARCH more consistently ambiguous

  3. (Responses) Provide a way of tagging which responses are parser errors

  4. Parse valid responses to disambiguation requests as disambiguation requests rather than new commands

  5. World Model and Parser Reflection

  6. Provide mechanism to query model/parser for list of valid commands

  7. (Parsing) Use option to remove comprehension of obscenities  ·  completed

  8. (Management) Glulx utility extension maintainer  ·  completed

  9. Have the compiler notice full stop in text substitutions

  10. (Mac IDE) In tables, align word-wrapped lines of text with their columns  ·  under review

  11. Define a means for IDEs to query to determine what extensions have been updated *VW*  ·  completed

  12. (Publishing) Include licensing information in the Babel bibliographic data  ·  under review

  13. (World model) Fix "You haven't got that" for parts of the player  ·  completed

  14. (IDE/Compiler) Provide a better compiler response when a command is indented below the end of a rule

  15. (World Model) Dynamic object creation  ·  declined

  16. Remove "carried" and revise handling of implicit actions

  17. (World model) Remove carrying requirements from the eating action  ·  completed

  18. (Parsing/actions) More information available during parser errors

  19. (Programming) Better ways to describe default/null values for kinds  ·  completed

  20. Make action variables (and rulebook and activity variables) globally visible

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